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Sprite Captor is the best tool to extract sprites from sprite sheets.
it is similar to the "2D Fighter Maker" one.

how to use it? :

to capture a sprite draw a rectangle around it 
by dragging the mouse cursor while clicking on the left button, 
then release the button when the sprite is inside the rectangle,
and you must not touch other sprites or other color 
than the image's blank area color with the rectangle while doing so.

and use the following keyboard keys :

i : scale up the image

j : scale down the image

o : reset the image's position to origin

r : reset the image's position and size to origin

c : center the captured sprite

e : add the captured sprite's position and size to the list

s : enter the sprite editor

and use the arrows keys to move the image

while in the sprite editor screen use the following keyboard keys :

right arrow : go to the next sprite

left arrow : go to the previous sprite

up arrow : scale up the sprite

down arrow : scale down the sprite

o : set the sprite's position to origin

c : center the sprite

d : delete the current sprite

s : exit the sprite editor

and the keys ( u, h, j, k ) to move the sprite

sprite data are a list of rects in a form of list, exemple :
[ 10, 5, 20, 50 ] mean ==> x = 10, y = 5, width = 20, height = 50
this way you can interpret the sprite data as you want, 
you can create a subsurface of the main image or blit an area of it 
or create a sprite bounding box.....etc


add the ability to save the sprite data to a file.

add the ability to choose the image that you want to edit from your files.

add a hitbox editor.

add an animation sequence editor.

and why not?, turn this into a full "2D Fighter Maker".

Install instructions

require python and pygame


Sprite_Captor.rar 97 kB

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