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how to make a 3d racing game without using any 3d library like opengl ?

the answer is by using pseudo 3d road technique.

pseudo 3d road was a very used rendering technique in the golden age  of arcade games (80's and 90's) when  machines  couldn't render true 3d.

arcade hits such outrun (sega)  used this technique.

it is a mixture between raycasting and floorcasting, so I have used my raycasting + floorcasting engine's code to do it, and I have named it "roadcaster".

I have used this tutorials as starting point for developing my own pseudo 3d road engine:




Install instructions

require python and pygame


pseudo_3d_road.rar 23 kB


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I've been playing around with this code. (I'm making an Outrun-style game for my wife.) Thanks for the Python version! Thanks a ton!

My pickle object files got easily corrupted in a computer crash. Maybe CSV or JSON would be hardier? 

thank you!, you're welcome!